Adapted from a mail by Richard Haynes,
Operations Manager of the Bellairs Research Institute.

The Immigration Department in Barbados has a solution to the
problem of obtaining, at short notice, a CARICOM visa to attend
a Bellairs workshop. The CARICOM visa is required for a limited 
period of time (1 February - 15 May 2007)
even for nationals of countries normally not needing a visa.
This is due the World Cricket Cup which is held on various
Carribian islands.
More information about the CARICOM special visa
can be found at

The procedure:

 1. obtain the application form
  from the special visa site

 2. Fill out the visa application form, attach a passport size
  picture, sign it (inside the box).
  Note: you will have to bring 2 copies of the application
  form with you to Barbados, each with a picture
  (with name written on the back).

 3. Make photocopies of the first six pages of your passport.

 4. Fax the passport photocopies as well as the signed
   visa application form (with photograph) to
   the attention of Ms. Pat Smith at +1 (246) 426 0819,
   Immigration Dept, Wharf Road, Bridgetown, Barbados, West Indies.

   Mention that are attending a workshop and you were in 
   contact with Richard Haynes at the Bellairs Research Institute.

 5. Fax a copy of all the above to Bellairs too.
   Fax number: +1 (246) 422 0692.
   Alternately, you may scan all this and e-mail
   it to

 6. Bellairs will pay the 100US$ fee for you. You will
   refund this upon arrival at Bellairs.

Note: you have to bring the 2 completed forms with the same
original photos (with name written at the back) because the
fax will have a darkened picture and Richard will have to
take in the original when you arrive.