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Multi-Paradigm Modelling for Cyber-Physical Systems (MPM4CPS)

Pisa Training School 2018

Malaga Workshop 2016

Truly complex, engineered systems, known as Cyber Physical Systems (CPS), are becoming increasingly common. CPS emerge from the networking of multi-physical (mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, biochemical, ….) and computational (control, signal processing, logical inference, planning, …) processes, often interacting with a highly uncertain environment, including human actors, in a socio-economic context.
To date, no unifying theory nor systematic design methods, techniques and tools exist for such systems. Individual (mechanical, electrical, network or software) engineering disciplines only offer partial solutions.
Multi-paradigm Modelling (MPM) proposes to model every part and aspect of a system explicitly, at the most appropriate level(s) of abstraction, using the most appropriate modelling formalism(s). Modelling languages’ engineering, including model transformation, and the study of their semantics, are used to realize MPM. MPM is seen as an effective answer to the challenges of designing CPS. We aim to promote the sharing of foundations, methods, techniques, and tools and to provide educational resources, to both academia and industry. This will be achieved by bringing together and disseminating knowledge and experiments on CPS problems and MPM solutions.

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The reports of the completed 2015 - 2018 STSMs can now be consulted here.

The MPM4CPS Training School (18 - 21 November 2018) and Closing Conference (22 - 23 November 2018) took place in Pisa, Italy.