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When you fill out and submit the following form, you will be added to the Simulation in Europe Special Interest Group (SiE-SIG). You will then receive (by e-mail) information on SiE's activities. This form also allows you to request removal from the database as well as modification of information. The list of the SiE-WG and SiE-SIG members is available.

The aim of SiE is the advancement of Modelling and Simulation Theory and Practice. Though the SiE Working Group is organised and sponsored by the European Community, the Special Interest Group welcomes anyone who is interested (just mention below whether you are in a European Community member country). To learn more about the goals and activities of the Simulation in Europe Working Group, visit the SiE homepage.

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In the following table, select your level of interest in the SUBJECTS (Modelling, Simulation, Interfaces) and the TASKS (State of the Art, ..., Exploitation Plans).

TASKS \ SUBJECTS Modelling Simulation Interfaces
State of the Art; Classification
Methodology development
De Facto standards; New Practices
Industrial Demonstrators; Model Accreditation
Exploitation Plans; Future needs of End-Users

What are the application domains (e.g., chemical process control, socio-economics, ...) you are most interested in ?

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If you want to actively contribute to the SiE activities, check HERE .

Please specify which concrete SiE Actions you would like to contribute to. You may want to look at a more in-depth description of these actions.

  1. Action Cluster 1: Multi-Paradigm Modelling
    • Action 1.1: Glossaries, Definitions, ...
    • Action 1.2: Semantics
    • Action 1.3: Model Exchange
    • Action 1.4: Symbolic Manipulation
  2. Action Cluster 2: Simulators and Low-Level Model Representation
    • Action 2.1: Simulator Standardisation Guidelines
    • Action 2.2: Neutral Model-Solver protocol for continuous systems
    • Action 2.3: Neutral Model-Solver protocol for discrete systems
  3. Action Cluster 3: Simulator Interoperability
    • Action 3.1: Interacting Distributed Simulators
    • Action 3.2: Synthetic Engineering, Distributed Interactive Simulation
  4. Action Cluster 4: Industrial Demonstrator Deployment
    • Action 4.1: Industrial Deployment Handbook
    • Action 4.2: Multi-Paradigm Demonstrator
  5. Action Cluster 5: End-User Involvement, User-Simulator Interfaces
    • Action 5.1: Link with Human Comfort and Security
  6. Additional Actions
    • Information Dissemination and Education

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Simulation in Europe --- August 14, 1996