2002 COMP-522A Modelling and Simulation Projects

The structure of a project


Possibly iterate over multiple prototypes

All implementations in Python

Project Examples:


Causal Block Diagrams

Complete the CBD M&S system

  1. Delay, Derivative blocks
  2. File Input/Output blocks
  3. Test block or
  4. Lambda identification, Communication Interval

CBD Team 1

Jisnu Bhattacharyya (jbhatt@cs.mcgill.ca), Alexandre Pichette project site

CBD Team 2

Niki Do (niki_do@hotmail.com), Nina Gill, Rathini Sivandarajah project site

Hybrid Simulation

HybridDAE simulator

Simon Lacoste-Julien (simonlacoste@videotron.ca) project site

Drag racing

Charles Escaravage (charles_escaravage@msn.com), Eric Chaput (echapu@cs.mcgill.ca) project site

Petri Nets

Petri Net analysis tool Team 1

Alexey Pan (alexeypan@hotmail.com) project site

Petri Net analysis tool Team 2

Paul Sandulescu (psandu@cs.mcgill.ca) project site

Study Coloured PN, simulator

Yi Lu (ylu17@cs.mcgill.ca), Hanhui Zhang (zhanghanhui@yahoo.com) project site


Hierarchical Timed Automata simulation + code generation tool

Marc Provost, Veronique Lisi, Jean-Fran´┐Żcois Thibert project site

CD player Team 1

Weibin Liang (wliang@cs.mcgill.ca), Chester Ntonifor (cntoni@cs.mcgill.ca), Chengliang Sun (csun1@cs.mcgill.ca) project site

CD player Team 2

Thomas Feng (thomas@email.com.cn), Hinwai So (hso@cs.mcgill.ca) project site

CD player Team 3

Andreas W. Luesse (Andreas.Luesse@mail.mcgill.ca) project site

CD player Team 4

Jun Wang (jwang90@cs.mcgill.ca) project site


DEVS modelling and simulation of a process control system

Kossi Lekpor

DEVS simulation of a computer architecure

Pierre-Yves Leclerc (apsod@absurdus.org) project site

DEVS simulation of computer networks

Matthew Holly (beerman@cs.mcgill.ca) project site

DEVS simulation of McConnell elevators

Sakibul Khan (skhan20@cs.mcgill.ca), Charles-Antoine Douet project site

Cellular Automata

Cellular Automata simulator (Life)

Raymond Khalife (rkhali@cs.mcgill.ca) project site

Cellular Automata simulator

Tomislav Vrljicak (tvrlji@cs.mcgill.ca) project site

Population/Forrester System Dynamics

Examples from Bossel

Brian Gabor (brian_gabor@yahoo.ca) project site

World population

Alison Stewart (astewa5@po-box.mcgill.ca), Caitlin Bentley, Beverley Pankrat project site


SimCity Team 1

Marc Lanctot (marc.lanctot@elf.mcgill.ca), Moses Mathur (moses.mathur@elf.mcgill.ca), Jeff Hu (phantom_hu@yahoo.com) project site

SimCity Team 2

Diana Garroway (dianag@cim.mcgill.ca), Roger McFarlane (rmcfarln@cs.mcgill.ca) project site