Modelling and Simulation
Fall Term 2005 COMP 522A (CRN 965)

Under construction

The 2005 incarnation of this course is similar to the 2004 version.
Have a look at the 2004 website.

The course


Thursday 1 December. 8:00 - 10:30 in ENGTR 1080. Friday 25 November. 8:00 - 10:00. Krieble lab on the 3rd floor of Trottier. Tuesday 8 November. From now on, Friday lectures will be in ENGTR 1100 !

Monday 3 October. There is an update of the assignment #1. It's all about the format of the input constructed for a linear solver. Please check here.

Monday 3 October. Wednesday's lecture is replaced by a hands-on tutorial about AToM3 and Causal Block Diagrams. It will be in Room 3120 (Lab 2), Trottier building.

There will be NO lecture on Monday 3 October and Friday 7 October(as HV is at the ACM/IEEE 8th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems (MoDELS/UML 2005), the Model Driven Development of Advanced User Interfaces and the Model Transformations in Practice Workshop in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Thursday 29 September. There is an update of the assignment #1. It's all about LaTeX part. Please check here.

Tuesday 20 September. Updated TA information: Ximeng (Simon) Sun is the TA for the course.

Monday 19 September. Wednesday's lecture is replaced by a presentation about the first assignment (Causal Block Diagrams). You should prepare for this by reading Simon's tutorial.

There will be NO lecture on Friday 23 September (as HV is at the 2005 IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing (VL/HCC'05) and the Workshop on Visual Modeling for Software Intensive Systems (VMSIS) in Dallas, TX.)

Wednesday 7 September. First COMP 522 lecture.

Have a look at assignments and projects of previous versions of COMP 522 (Fall 2001 - Fall 2004) found on HV's teaching page.