Modelling and Simulation
Fall Term 2006 COMP 522A (CRN 921)

Under construction

The 2006 incarnation of this course is similar to the 2005 version.
Have a look at the 2005 website.

The course


Project presentations will be in-class on Monday 4 December starting at 8:00.
15min per project, be brief and to-the-point!
The presentation should comprise: introducing yourself; introducing the goals of the project; describing the approach/architecture discussing the implementation; giving an example; critique; future work.

The mini-quiz (~ 30min) will be held on Wednesday 29 November at 8:30 in the usual classroom.

Wednesday 25 October. The TA office hour of TODAY is temporarily changed to 16:00 ~ 17:00.

Monday 16 October. Please hand in assignment 2 by email to TA (xsun16 AT cs DOT mcgill DOT ca).

Friday 6 October. Since we got some problem to setup assignment 1 on WebCT, please hand in your solutions by email to TA (xsun16 AT cs DOT mcgill DOT ca).

Monday 25 September. First assignment (Causal Block Diagrams) is out, please check here

Monday 9 October. Class moved to same time and place on Tuesday 10 October.

First week of October. No lectures ! (work on assignments :)

Friday 29 September. No class !

Monday 25. Wednesday 27 September. Lecture on communicating sequential processes by Ernesto Posse.

Friday 15 September. Tutorial in Trottier 1080 !
TA Ximeng Sun will give a tutorial about the tools you will use to build your own CBD simulation tool for the first assignment.
There is also an online tutorial here

Friday 8 September. Lecture in Trottier 1080 !
Don't forget to bring the notes "Modelling Languages: Syntax and Semantics" available under Lectures.

Wednesday 6 September. First COMP 522 lecture in Trottier 1080.
You can find the first lecture in PDF format under Lectures.

Have a look at assignments and projects of previous versions of COMP 522 (Fall 2001 - Fall 2004) found on HV's teaching page.