Modelling and Simulation Based Design
2008 Winter Term COMP 763B (CRN 3365)

The purpose of this course is to look at the State of The Art in Modelling and Simulation on the one hand and Software (and to a far lesser extent Hardware) Design on the other hand. The goal is to get some insight into the Model Driven Development (MDD) of truly complex systems. In particular, we will look into the recent trend towards Domain-Specific Modelling (DSM). The focus will be on the use of multiple modelling formalisms and their interrelationships to study and design such complex systems. We will study meta-modelling and model transformation (mostly using Graph Rewriting) extensively as they enable the development of MDD tools. In the software realm, we will study the recent evolutions of the Unified Modelling Language (UML) and how the UML fits in the broader context of computer-automated multi-paradigm modelling and simulation (CAMPaM).

As the usual pre-requisite, COMP 522 (Modelling and Simulation) was not offered last term, the first part of the course will cover a few useful modelling formalisms: Petri Nets, Statecharts, and DEVS. This will given some insight and experience in modelling and how models may be used for (1) analysis/model checking, (2) simulation and (3) application synthesis.

The Course


Wednesday 5 March: note that the next class is on Wednesday 12 March. See the schedule for the Reading Presentations. For any questions about the reading and/or project, mail to discuss and/or set up a meeting.

Wednesday 5 March: The AToM3/Tkinter bug on Trottier machines is still not fixed ! There will be no tutorial today. I will send an e-mail to announce when the tutorial does take place.

Friday 22 February: The tutorial today about model transformation with AToM3 is cancelled (I was not yet able to fix the bug which seems to manifest itself only on the Trottier machines) !

Saturday 9 February: added extra hints to the DEVS assignment, mostly about the Generator's logic.

Thursday 7 February: minor cleanup of DEVS assignment specification.

Monday 28 January: fixed a small bug in due to which updating the year part of the date did not work correctly. Thanks to Yanwar Asrigo for pointing this out.

Monday 28 January: posted a new with .pyc which should run on the Trottier labs (Linux) machines (and not on 64 bit machines).

Sunday 27 January: added a running solution to the Statecharts assignment page to clarify the requirements.

Thursday 17 January: AToM3 now does Coverability analysis properly.

Wednesday 16 January 2008: updated website to reflect 2008 schedule.

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