Juan de Lara´s home page at McGill  

Juan de Lara´s home page at McGill


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Welcome to my home page at the Modelling, Simulation and Design Laboratory (MSDL) at McGill University. Currently I´m performing a 1-year postdoc here. I'm a professor ("profesor ayudante") at the School of Computer Science, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM), Spain. You can have a look at my web page at UAM


At the MSDL we are interested in Multi-Paradigm (Meta-Modelling + Multi-Formalism + Multiple abstraction levels) modelling. For this purpose we are developing a Meta-Modelling tool called AToM3. This tool has been programmed in Python. ATOM3 is used to describe formalisms commonly used in the simulation of dynamical systems, as well as to generate custom tools to process (create, edit, transform, simulate, optimize, ... ) models expressed in the corresponding formalism. AToM3 relies on graph rewriting techniques and graph grammars to perform the transformations between formalisms as well as for other tasks, such as code generation or simulator specification.

You can have more information and download the tool here.


I've finished a "tutorial" on AToM3 programming, which you can access here, comments and suggestions are welcomed.