Michael Deckers   
M. Sc. Student
Modelling, Simulation and Design Lab
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
University of Antwerp
1, Middelheimlaan
Belgium 2020
Michael Deckers     

My page was created to host my Research Internship II and Master's Thesis. They were designed as part of my M.S. degree in Software Engineering.
Both projects were supervised by Yentl Van Tendeloo, and Prof. Hans Vangheluwe was my promotor.

Research Internship II: DEVS: usability analysis of existing tools and library research

My Research Intership served as a preliminary part of my Master's Thesis. Within the research internship, I have done two major things:

1: Evaluate existing tools for the generation and/or simulation of DEVS. The results of this evaluation can serve as guidelines for the creation of a new tool (Master's Thesis)
2: Find DEVS blocks that are candidates for implementation in a newly developed DEVS Library by using existing Discrete Event modeling formalisms.

My research report can be downloaded here.

Master Thesis: A Usable DEVS Environment: Designing an easy-to-use DEVS generation environment with support for an expandable library

For my thesis, I have created a new tool for the generation and simulation of DEVS models.

It is based around a text-based editor and uses PythonPDEVS as the simulation kernel. The major guidelines for the creation (and evaluation) of the tool are those that were found in Research Intership II

The second major part of the thesis was implementing the library blocks that were initially found in Research Intership II.

My thesis report can be downloaded here.
My thesis files can be downloaded here.

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