Title: Data Needs in Computational Modeling and Simulation—An Industry Perspective
Date: Wednesday, March 17, 2010
Organizer: Pieter J. Mosterman, MathWorks, USA
Abstract: As we now use computation to model and simulate systems of unfathomed complexity on a scale beyond comprehension at a previously unfathomed level of detail, we also lost the ability to substantiate the computed outcomes. Without a complete understanding of the verity of computations, the paramount challenge then becomes knowing what the value of their results is. This holds especially true for modeling and simulation of the effects of cascading events on the critical infrastructure. Such models in particular, comprise a complexity that mandates the use of model federations. As a consequence, the prohibited comprehensive understanding of the federated model makes formal validation of the computed results critical. Ultimately, this requires data of the modeled referent in some sense or another. Unfortunately, there is little of a formal methodology available to deal with the corresponding issues. This panel intends to address the essential questions with respect to:
  • scoping the problem to establish which data is needed
  • making data technologically as well as organizationally available
  • assessing the quantitative and qualitative uncertainty of data
  • inferring data at different levels of detail
  • determining which operational regions are covered by data and how well
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