DATE'09 Workshop on

Designing for Embedded Parallel Computing Platforms:
Architectures, Design Tools, and Applications

Time:08:30 - 17:00
Room:Erato, Level 3

General Chairs: Mike Woodward and Pieter J. Mosterman
The MathWorks, USA
Session Chairs
Architectures:Cristina Silvano
Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Design Tools:Maryse Wouters
IMEC, Belgium
Applications:Michael Huebner
Universität Karlsruhe, Germany


Embedded systems designers are increasingly faced with the challenge of designing concurrent systems. Such systems run on multi-core architectures, but also on heterogeneous platforms (for example DSPs and FPGAs). Designers need to take advantage of the parallelism on offer, but there are significant issues: These and other questions will be central to this workshop, which will bring together researchers actively working on architectures, design tools, and applications for embedded parallel systems.

This workshop will have three main sessions:


Opening and KeynoteChair: Pieter J. Mosterman 
0830Opening and Introduction
0835Methods for Hardware/Software and Parallel Computing Platforms
Stephen Mellor

Biograph: Stephen is a well-known methodologist. With Sally Schlaer he created the well-known Schlaer-Mellor design methodology and he has been extensively involved in UML for several years—with a particular focus on real-time methods. He was Chief Scientist of Mentor Graphics Embedded Systems Division. He chairs the advisory board for IEEE Software and is involved with several conference organization committees.

Poster Sessions IntroductionChair: Pieter J. Mosterman 
Architectures Posters
Cristina Silvano
Design Tools Posters
Maryse Wouters
Applications Posters
Michael Huebner


Architectures SessionChair: Cristina Silvano 
1030Technologies Issues and Trends for Many-Multi Cores Architectures
Roberto Zafalon
1055Beyond the Power and Memory Walls: The role of Networks on Chip in Future System Architectures
José Duato
Technical University of Valencia
1120Leveraging Modular Simulation to Automata Design-Space Exploration
Olivier Temam
INRIA, Saclay
1145Architectures Poster Session


Design Tools SessionChair: Maryse Wouters 
1300Multicore Tool Challenges and Solutions for Cognitive Radio and Advanced Multimedia Applications
Maryse Wouters
1325Minimizing the Cost and Risk When Migrating Software to Multicore Platforms
David Stewart
1350Simulink®-based Programming Environment for Heterogeneous MPSoC
Katalin Popovici
The MathWorks
1415Design Tools Poster Session


Applications SessionChair: Michael Huebner 
1500Computational Fluid Dynamics on Multicore Architectures
Jan-Philipp Weiss
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
1525Track Reconstruction Algorithms for High Energy Physics on ManyCore Systems
Udo Kebschull
University of Heidelberg
1550Image Processing Exploiting New Dimensions in Reconfigurable Multiprocessor Systems
Diana Göhringer
1615Applications Poster Session

Wrap-up DiscussionChair: Pieter J. Mosterman 
1630Retrospective and Outlook
Cristina Silvano, Maryse Wouters, and Michael Huebner
1645Open Discussion
All participants and attendees


Architectures Poster SessionChair: Cristina Silvano 
Application-Specific System-Level Design Space Exploration for Heterogeneous Multiprocessor Embedded Platforms
[abstract] [poster]
L. Pomante, L. Imbriglio, and F. Graziosi
Trade-off Analysis of L2 on-chip Cache Architectures for Embedded MPSoCs
[abstract] [poster]
M. Sabry, M. Ruggiero, D. Atienza, and L. Benini
Heterogeneous Chip Multiprocessor Design
[abstract] [poster]
O. Ozturk
Dynamic Thermal Management in Heterogeneous Embedded Multiprocessor SoCs
[abstract] [poster]
S. Sharifi, A. K. Coskun, and T. S. Rosing
Godson-T: A Teraflops Many Core Design for Next-Generation High Performance Computing
[abstract] [poster]
H. Zhang and D. Fan
GENESYS: A Cross-Domain Architecture for Embedded Systems
[abstract] [poster]
R. Obermaisser, H. Kopetz, B. Huber, C. El-Salloum, R. Zafalon, F. Auzanneau, K. Kronlöf, P. Millet, M. Borth, C. Couvreur, N. Suri, S. Campos, E. Ovaska, and M. Gödecke
Constrained Collaborative Power Management
[abstract] [poster]
P. Bellasi, S. Bosisio, M. Carnevali, W. Fornaciari, D. Melpignano, and D. Siorpaes

Design Tools Poster SessionChair: Maryse Wouters 
Multi-granularity NoC simulation framework for early phase exploration of SDR platforms
[abstract] [poster]
N. Zompakis, M. Trautmann, A. Bartzas, S. Mamagkakis, D. Soudris, L. Van der Perre, and F. Catthoor
Genetic Algorithm Framework for Dynamic Data Type Optimization and Memory Assignment
[abstract] [poster]
I. Iosifidis, A. Bartzas, C. Baloukas, and D. Soudris
Model-based multicore architecture exploration with CoFluent Studio
[abstract] [poster]
J. Lemaitre and V. Perrier
ePRO-MP: energy PRofiler and Optimizer for MultiProcessors
[abstract] [poster]
W. Choi, H. Kim, W. Song, J. Song, and J. Kim
Rapid Prototyping with PARS (Parallel Application from Rapid Simulation) EDA tool
[abstract] [poster]
N. Nakhaeee and M. Ahmadian
Resource management for embedded multi-core platforms
[abstract] [poster]
C. Ykman-Couvreur, R. Obermaisser, C. El Salloum, M. Goedecke, R. Zafalon, and L. Benini
MULTICUBE: Multi-Objective Design Space Exploration of Multiprocessor Architectures for Embedded Multimedia Applications
[abstract] [poster]
C. Silvano, G. Palermo, V. Zaccaria, W. Fornaciari, R. Zafalon, S. Bocchio, M. Martinez, M. Wouters, G. Vanmeerbeeck, P. Avasare, L. Onesti, C. Kavka, U. Bondi, G. Mariani, E. Villar, H. Posadas, C. Y. Q. Wu, F. Dongrui, and Z. Hao
Multicube Explorer - A Design Space Exploration Framework for Embedded Systems-on-Chip
[abstract] [poster]
G. Palermo, C. Silvano, V. Zaccaria, and G. Mariani
High-Level Performance Estimation Using Simulators At Multiple Abstraction Levels
[abstract] [poster]
P. Avasare, G. Vanmeerbeeck, M. Wouters, B. Vanthournout, and H. Posadas
Design Space Exploration for Embedded Parallel System-on-Chip Platforms using modeFRONTIER
[abstract] [poster]
C. Kavka, P. Avasare, G. Vanmeerbeeck, M. Wouters, and H. Posadas
Source-to-source optimizations of statically allocated data mapping on MPSoC platforms
[abstract] [poster]
A. Mallik, M. Wouters, P. Lemmens, E. De Greef, and T. J. Ashby
MNEMEE: Memory management technology for adaptive and efficient design of embedded systems
[abstract] [poster]
A. Mallik, M. Wouters, P. Lemmens, C. Baloukas, R. Pyka, D. Kritharidis, F. Capman, and S. Stuijk

Applications Poster SessionChair: Michael Huebner 
Ad-hoc Architectures for modern DBMS: a HW/SW Co-Design Approach
[abstract] [poster]
L. Pomante and P. Di Felice
MORPHEUS—Heterogeneous Reconfigurable SOC
[abstract] [poster]
A. Rosti, P. Bonnot, S. Perissakis, K. Potamianos, W Putzke-Röming, and N. S. Voros
Scenario Based Mapping of Dynamic Applications on MPSoC: A 3D Graphics Case Study
[abstract] [poster]
N. Rao Miniskar, S. Kiran Munaga, S. Mamagkakis, R. Wuyts, and F. Catthoor
Data Flow Based System Level Design and Analysis of Concurrent Image Processing Applications
[abstract] [poster]
J. Keinert, C. Haubelt, and J.Teich
Cellflow: a Parallel Application Development Environment with RunTime Support for the Cell BE Processor
[abstract] [poster]
M. Ruggiero, M. Lombardi, M. Milano, and L. Benini