Ximeng Sun
M.Sc. Thesis Student
Modelling, Simulation and Design Lab
School of Computer Science
McGill University
McConnell Engineering bldg. room 202
3480 University Street
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H3A 2A7
+1 (514) 398 7071 ext. 0364
+1 (514) 843 7919
+1 (514) 398 3883
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I'm a Master student in School of Computer Science, McGill University, under the supervision of Professor Hans Vangheluwe.

Now I'm working on adapID project. See details here


20 April, 2007
Thesis "A Model-Driven Approach to Scenario-Based Requirements Engineering" submitted [PDF].
Download AToM3

2 April, 2007
Paper submitted:

Ximeng Sun, Hans Vangheluwe. Transforming Software Requirements by Meta-modelling and Graph Transformation. ACM/IEEE 10th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems, October 2007, Nashville, USA. [PDF]

Abstract: This article describes transformations of software requirements. We start from requirements (use cases) in textual form. These are subsequently encoded precisely in UML 2.0 Sequence Diagrams (SD) by a modelling expert. The SD model is automatically transformed back into textual form to allow the requirements producer to check correct interpretation. Once the latter is satisfied, the SD model is transformed into a Statechart (SC) which satisfies the constraints specified by the SD model. This SC model can then be used to analyze properties of the requirements. This may involve adding information such as transition probabilities for dependability analysis, or even sufficient refinenment to allow for code synthesis. We use AToM3 to meta-model both SD and SC formalisms. From this, visual modelling environments are synthesized. In addition, the transformations are modelled graph grammars. We demonstrate our complete approach in an example.

28 August, 2006
Summer presentation: Model-Driven Simulation, Animation and Analysis

Abstract: The first part of this talk is about how to apply a DEVS-based modelling and simulation process to adapID project. A DEVS model is built based on an E-Health use case of adapID project and the simulation results are used for analysis by plotting and animation. The second part of the talk is about a model-driven approach for analyzing the safety and reliability of requirements based on use cases. We introduce and use DA-Charts, a probabilistic extension of Statecharts, to model the system requirements. A visual modelling environment for DA-Charts supporting automatic probability analysis has been implemented in AToM3.

31 July to 4 August, 2006
Visiting and working in DistriNet for adapID project, Leuven, Belgium.

17 July to 28 July, 2006
Attending IPICS 2006 Summer Course, Leuven, Belgium.

12 June, 2006
Conference paper accepted:

Sadaf Mustafiz, Ximeng Sun, Joerg Kienzle, Hans Vangheluwe. Model-Driven Assessment of Use Cases for Dependable Systems. ACM/IEEE 9th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems, October 2006, Genova, Italy. [PDF | PS]

18 September, 2005
Tutorial available: Causal Block Diagrams (CBD) Modelling Extension in AToM3.

26 August, 2005
Summer presentation: Extending Causal Block Diagrams (CBD) Modelling in AToM3: Hierarchical Modelling, Code Generation and Standalone Simulator.

3 July, 2005
Update link lists. See Links.

28 June, 2005
Built up ADAPID project website template. See here.

9 June, 2005
Weekly meeting with Hans. See minutes here.

19 May, 2005
Weekly meeting with Hans. We reviewed the architecture of ADAPID project. See minutes here.

3 May, 2005
ADAPID project meeting with Hans. We discussed the architecture, two potential research approaches, and the summer planning of our research. See minutes here.

25 April, 2005
Handed in a report [pdf] [doc] of the project Parallel DEVS modelling of Traffic in AToM3 of Modelling and Simulation Based Design

11 April, 2005
Gave a presentation Parallel DEVS modelling of Traffic in AToM3 [pdf] [ppt] of a project of Modelling and Simulation Based Design

16 March, 2005
Gave a presentation The Parallel DEVS Formalism and the DEVSJAVA tool [pdf] [ppt] of the course Modelling and Simulation Based Design

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