Ximeng Sun


Meeting of June 9, 2005


People: Prof. Hans Vangheluwe, Miriam Zia, Ximeng Sun


We talked about the current progress of the project. We all finished reading the proposal of ADAPID project. Due to some external changes of ADAPID, we rescheduled our summer plan a little: delayed our own proposal. As we planed to build a website for the project in McGill, we also wanted to build a research website template for all other projects of our lab. So we looked through a few examples on internet and discussed the start point.

What we are going to do in the following week for ADAPID project:
  • Start reading - "Rethinking Public Key Infrastructures and Digital Certificates" by Stefan Brands
  • Build a template prototype of website for ADAPID project and other projects of our lab.


People: Prof. Hans Vangheluwe, Ximeng Sun


In the next week, I'll implement DEVS assginment. It's an extension of last year's one (DEVS). The idea is to build a new intersection model (coupled) for the traffic system.

In the following two weeks, I'll implement the core function of Causal Block Diagrams (CBD) assignment. It's an extension of last year's one (CBD). Provided manually built CBD, we can automatically generate simulation codes (some classes) which can be run as a stand-alone program (with some extra coding) and be referred by other blocks.

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