Ximeng Sun


Meeting of May 3, 2005

People: Prof. Hans Vangheluwe, Miriam Zia, Ximeng Sun


The topic was ADAPID project. We discussed the architecture, two potential research approaches, and the summer planning of our research.

The whole picture of our part of research of the ADAPID project will be:

We talked about different potential approaches to start: one is single-formalism approach which means during the whole process all members will use the same formalism but each of us will focus on different parts of the whole picture, for example, based-on Time Petri Nets formalism, one will focus on Model Analysis & Checking and Formal Verification, and the other one will focus on Modelling & Simulation; one is multiple-formalisms approach which means each member will use different formalism but go through the whole picture, for example, one will focus on Time Petri Nets formalism, and the other one will focus on Parallel DEVS formalism; another possible approach is each of us will focus on different domain-specific modellings , e.g., medical domain, electronic domain, or distributed system domain.

Then we talked about the plan of this summer:

  1. read ADAPID project proposal
  2. our project proposal will come out soon;
  3. building McGill ADAPID website.
  4. book reading - "Rethinking Public Key Infrastructures and Digital Certificates" by Stefan Brands - from where we might find gaps we may fill.

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