Xiaobo Li   
PhD Student at UA and PhD Candidate NUDT
Modelling, Simulation and Design Lab
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
University of Antwerp
Middelheimcampus, G 3.17
1, Middelheimlaan
Belgium 2020
+86 731 8457 3558
+86 139 7311 0030
Li Xiaobo     

I come from Hunan Province, China. I am currently a member of the MSDL (Modelling, Simulation and Design Lab) under supervision of Prof. Hans Vangheluwe. I am a Ph. D. student in Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of University of Antwerp (Antwerp, Belgium) since January 2010, and also a Ph.D Candidate in System Simulation Lab in National University of Defense Technology(Changsha, PRC) .

My research interests include Model Driven Simulation Engineering, Model-based System Engineering, Complex System Modeling and Simulation. My Ph.D research topic focuses on Domain Specific Simulation Modeling and Multi-Paradigm Modeling for the Development of Complex simulation System.

Research on MDE-based Generative Modeling & Simulation Methodology and Technology

In the domain of complex system simulation application, e.g. overall design of aviation type, Industrial departments need to develop complex simulation application systems for the sake of simulation-based reasoning and evaluation, which involves a large amount of domain-specific simulation models. Plentiful special domain-oriented modeling methods and tools have been presented while an efficient modeling and simulation (M&S) method at the system level has been absent for a long time.

To solve this problem, a kind of software engineering method called Model-Driven Architecture (MDA) was introduced into simulation society, and domain-specific modeling is also a wise solution for naturally model different parts(aspects) of the system. Aiming at above problems and combining the multi domain M&S requirements of complex systems, we need to make a synthesis study of the concepts and techniques of MDA and Domain-specific modeling to propose a MDA-based generative modeling and simulation methodology, which will support natural modeling in domain specific environment and integrative simulation

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