KARMA - A Process for flexible Guided Weapon Engagement Modelling and Simulation 
when: Friday 20 May 2005 at 10:30
where: McConnell 103
presenter: Nathalie Harrison (Defence R&D Canada, Valcartier)

KARMA is a modelling and simulation (M&S) process based on software engineering best practices to integrate experts' knowledge into reusable and interoperable models. This process is applied to develop a flexible and extensible framework allowing for various infrared-guided weapon engagement scenarios. The steps through the integrated suite of tools and the engagement simulation results will be demonstrated.


Nathalie Harrison is a defense scientist at Defence R&D Canada at Valcartier since 2000. She works in the Seekers and Countermeasures Group of the Electro-Optical Warfare Section. She received a Bachelor's degree in Engineering Physics from Laval University (Quebec, Canada) in 1998. She received a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from the same university for her research on virtual reality cryosurgery simulation and modeling of heat transfer in human tissues. Her research interests include modeling of electro-optical and weapon systems, weapon engagement simulation, international model exchange, software engineering applied to M&S, Model-Driven Architecture applied to M&S, simulation frameworks and synthetic environments.
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