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Add some information about the JIT, although there is not much to say

Yentl Van Tendeloo 3 years ago
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-JIT interpreter
+JIT Compiler
+As was previously hinted, the Modelverse Kernel makes use of a JIT compiler to translate the action language code into code for the underlying platform.
+In our case, this platform is Python.
+The JIT compiler makes use of the concept of compiled functions, where it is possible to override an existing action language function with a handcoded function.
+Upon executing a function, the action language code is retrieved from the Modelverse and traversed.
+As the action language has a rather low number of basic building blocks, it is easy to map this to most existing procedural languages.
+All function calls are equally translated to function calls of the function in the Modelverse, thereby potentially leaving the JITted code.
+This has the advantage that changes to the source code can immediately be picked up by the compiler, after which the new code is immediately used in the next invocation.