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Yentl Van Tendeloo 4 years ago
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@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ A socket interface to communicate with the other components is provided.
 By using sockets, it becomes possible to switch everything about the implementation, even the implementation language, without endangering interoperability.
 The three projects are:
 1. Modelverse State
 2. Modelverse Kernel
 3. Modelverse Interface

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@@ -42,7 +42,8 @@ To support model transformation, the Modelverse makes use of RAMification.
 In RAMification, the original metamodel is Relaxed, Augmented, and Modified.
 As such, the new metamodel can be used to define model transformation rules.
-This consists of the following three phases:
+This consists of the following three phases::
 1. The metamodel is **Relaxed**, such that lower cardinalities are no longer applied. Similarly, constraints are removed, and abstract entities can be instantiated. This is done because in model transformations, we only use a specific part of the metamodel.
 2. The metamodel is **Augmented**, such that new attributes and concepts are added. These new attributes are *label* and *constraint* in the LHS, and *label* and *action* in the right hand side. New concepts that are added, are the LHS and RHS entity. These are the containers for all elements of the LHS and the RHS, respectively.
 3. The metamodel is **Modified**, such that existing attributes are renamed and their types are altered. All attributes have to become constraints on that specific attribute in the LHS, and actions for the new value in the RHS. For example, the *tokens* attribute of a place becomes a constraint function (returning True or False), instead of an attribute of type integer.