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-Concrete Syntax
-Concrete syntax is an unavoidable aspect of modelling if you want to have decent usability.
-However, as the Modelverse is only a back-end, we leave concrete syntax up to the front-end to specify.
-Nonetheless, we have described and implemented a relatively simple way of supporting flexible concrete syntax, in an explicitly defined way.

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@@ -14,6 +14,8 @@ We make the distinction between three types of users of the Modelverse: modeller
 Depending on your goals of using the Modelverse, you will fall into one of these categories.
 Due to the design of the Modelverse, where everything is a model, the hierarchy is cumulative: language require knowledge of modelling, and developers require knowledge of language engineer and modelling.
+Example scripts used for some of our papers can be found in the *examples* folder.
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@@ -14,5 +14,4 @@ When defining a language, the language engineer will mostly use the same operati
    Transformations <transformations>
    Operations <operations>
    Services <services>
-   Concrete Syntax <concrete_syntax>
    Conformance <conformance>