Yentl Van Tendeloo 48d70a2c90 Fixes for PN and CTCBD and DTCBD transformations 3 years ago
90_core_formalism.mvc 02f346e0a8 Patched conformance problems and added test (including type mapping and bottom) 3 years ago
99_core.mvc 6f19274ab2 Permission updates 3 years ago 5dcb6e648a Added compile script in Python 5 years ago
bootstrap.m.gz 48d70a2c90 Fixes for PN and CTCBD and DTCBD transformations 3 years ago 08ddb3905b Consistently create the same bootstrap file across platforms (Windows/Linux) 3 years ago
bottom.mvc af69ae1907 Add "name" attribute in SCD 4 years ago
compiler.alc ebc8df5a95 Remove unnecessary sleep to improve performance marginally 3 years ago
conformance_finding.alc 0c014a84c6 Updated set_difference to a pre-compiled 3 years ago
conformance_scd.alc 15813c7019 Faster HUTN compiler through the use of buffers 3 years ago
constructors.alc 177006c5ba Add a way to update the core library from within the Modelverse itself, 3 years ago
core_algorithm.alc b93bdf64d6 Remove prints 3 years ago
files.alc e280f339e5 Add a files service for writing out files 4 years ago
io.alc 83628ef94d Add new functions for Simon 4 years ago
json.alc 990561a052 Added a rudimentary form of None... 4 years ago
library.alc 7476d11930 Replaced all create_node calls to their data structure equivalents 4 years ago
main.alc 738c3e27ad Add missing bootstrap file 3 years ago
manual.mvc 791d1db0a0 Fixed problem with manual operation having no MM 4 years ago
metamodels.alt 730f7e18e1 Change inheritance hierarchy in SimpleClassDiagrams to allow for correct 3 years ago
mini_modify.alc 103a9c79a4 Remove retype operation from interface 3 years ago
minimal.m.gz a317f39eb8 Ensure that bootstrap files are identical upon recreation 3 years ago
model_management.alc 6abefdf018 Minor tweak 3 years ago
modelling.alc 47a45b8c57 Partially pre-compile instantiate_link 3 years ago
object_operations.alc 67dd1036d9 Fixed read_defined_attrs to include superclasses 3 years ago
pm.mvc 065ddb1356 Updated output __type and __id 3 years ago
primitives.alc 57b95d3ebb Working conformance check for AToMPM (multi-inheritance part) 3 years ago
ramify.alc a50565bcb4 Updated ActionLanguage -> ActionCode for ComplexAttribute 3 years ago
random.alc daa9a291fe Semi-working transformation_execute and transformation_add 4 years ago
semi_primitives.alc febb0cd7e6 Don't store result of visitors, which is extremely slow to store and check 3 years ago
services.alc a91ea4c321 Merge branch 'master' into testing 4 years ago
task_manager.alc a00d54d1b0 Make sure that input taskname is not output again to someone else 3 years ago
tracability.mvc a91ea4c321 Merge branch 'master' into testing 4 years ago
transform.alc 2dbffc7b92 Make instantiate_node compiled 3 years ago
type_mapping.mvc 863ba9fb7d New type mapping storage method (faster and more correct) 3 years ago
typing.alc 2dbffc7b92 Make instantiate_node compiled 3 years ago
utils.alc d41ae4e8b5 Fixed live modelling for CTCBD models 3 years ago