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  5. Welcome to the Modelverse documentation!
  6. ========================================
  7. This document contains all practical information regarding the Modelverse.
  8. References to the papers describing the theoretical concepts are made throughout the documentation.
  9. As such, this document is a practical introduction to (meta-)modelling in the Modelverse.
  10. We make the distinction between three types of users of the Modelverse: modellers, language engineers, and developers.
  11. Depending on your goals of using the Modelverse, you will fall into one of these categories.
  12. Due to the design of the Modelverse, where everything is a model, the hierarchy is cumulative: language require knowledge of modelling, and developers require knowledge of language engineer and modelling.
  13. Example scripts used for some of our papers can be found in the *examples* folder.
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  16. Installation <installation>
  17. Basic interaction <interaction>
  18. Types of user <users>
  19. Modeller <modeller>
  20. Language Engineer <language_engineer>
  21. Developer <developer>
  22. Common problems and solutions <problems>