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  1. Using the Modelverse as a Language Engineer
  2. ===========================================
  3. With all the modelling primitives given, the next step is to actually create the languages that were used before: how were the *PetriNets* and *FiniteStateAutomata* language defined?
  4. This is the job of the language engineer, who will create these languages through modelling as well.
  5. Indeed, everything in the Modelverse is explicitly modelled, including languages.
  6. When defining a language, the language engineer will mostly use the same operations as the modeller, though in a different context.
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  9. Metamodelling <metamodelling>
  10. Model Langugage <languageengineer_modellanguage>
  11. Transformations <transformations>
  12. Operations <operations>
  13. Services <services>
  14. Conformance <conformance>