Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Kenneth Lausdahl d4a39699c6 attempting to merge master and au/cli 4 years ago
  Casper Thule 29f365d89c Fixed issue related to wrong function signatures 4 years ago
  Casper Thule b1b2678c15 Fixed in and out rules to use dt and h 4 years ago
  Kenneth Lausdahl 55a6159544 added code to pack the SA generated fmus into FMU zips 4 years ago
  Casper Thule ec8f183df9 Removed unnecessary project related to FMU generation. It is now being carried out by the cpp project 4 years ago
  Casper Thule ffc2c50191 Added //FIXME 4 years ago
  Casper Thule d97173bb78 Fixed issue related to h and dt 4 years ago
  Casper Thule 3ebd2d96aa Fixed getMextTimeStep to getNextTimeStep 4 years ago
  Casper Thule 9f1fda69fb Fixed issue parenthesis related to math operations and defines 4 years ago
  Casper Thule 2400c38f2a Fixed issue related to function names in CPP framework 4 years ago
  Casper Thule 8a1525ecc1 Fixed issue where the constructor attempted to set param values on the class directly and not in the internal state. 4 years ago
  Kenneth Lausdahl 92afc930d9 fixed path for cache cmake hcf build 4 years ago
  Kenneth Lausdahl 3f6c0643fb renamed static generator classes to more meaning full names 4 years ago
  Kenneth Lausdahl e32b09a55d ignore eclipse .recommenders 4 years ago
  Casper Thule 9c00d2fae2 Fixed issue with input rules not being processed 4 years ago
  Casper Thule 399f7dcc79 Fixed issue with source dependencies: output ports tau <- loop_sa.tau 4 years ago
  Casper Thule 70bf604049 Fixed issue with source dependencies: output ports tau <- loop_sa.tau 4 years ago
  Casper Thule 1ba0f28d3d Almost working for as well. Need to fix sourcedependency. A canonical version has been hand-made, as the canonicalgenerator was not able to handle it. 4 years ago
  Casper Thule 3a18450bfb DSL now supports loop_sa 4 years ago
  Cláudio Gomes 3f32753e9b made test less brittle 4 years ago
  Cláudio Gomes d28c3be133 Corrected typo in window_sa example. 4 years ago
  Cláudio Gomes 470654c55f corrected some typos in the generator, and not going to use the git clone stuff to get the framework code. 4 years ago
  Cláudio Gomes fd5c0bc010 enabled generation of cppFramework.jar (not going to use the git clone trick...) 4 years ago
  Cláudio Gomes f4c779f318 removed unused folder 4 years ago
  Cláudio Gomes 0e4955da5c added generation of cppFramework.jar file. 4 years ago
  Cláudio Gomes f64f7d4569 remove dthis 4 years ago
  Cláudio Gomes ce278acc01 added empty dir tree 4 years ago
  Cláudio Gomes 830411e9f0 added git submodule 4 years ago
  Cláudio Gomes 43391d256d partial unit conversion implemented. 4 years ago
  Cláudio Gomes 41134e3b68 port refs are now replaced. Translation to canonical SA is complete. 4 years ago