Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Kenneth Lausdahl d4a39699c6 attempting to merge master and au/cli 4 years ago
  Kenneth Lausdahl 55a6159544 added code to pack the SA generated fmus into FMU zips 4 years ago
  Casper Thule ec8f183df9 Removed unnecessary project related to FMU generation. It is now being carried out by the cpp project 4 years ago
  Kenneth Lausdahl 92afc930d9 fixed path for cache cmake hcf build 4 years ago
  Kenneth Lausdahl 3f6c0643fb renamed static generator classes to more meaning full names 4 years ago
  Casper Thule 399f7dcc79 Fixed issue with source dependencies: output ports tau <- loop_sa.tau 4 years ago
  Casper Thule 1ba0f28d3d Almost working for as well. Need to fix sourcedependency. A canonical version has been hand-made, as the canonicalgenerator was not able to handle it. 4 years ago
  Casper Thule 3a18450bfb DSL now supports loop_sa 4 years ago
  Cláudio Gomes d28c3be133 Corrected typo in window_sa example. 4 years ago
  Cláudio Gomes 470654c55f corrected some typos in the generator, and not going to use the git clone stuff to get the framework code. 4 years ago
  Casper Thule b88a460678 Compiling lazy sa - not checked for correctness 4 years ago
  Casper Thule 473337bafe Started work on lazy sa 4 years ago
  Casper Thule 9f7b5a651e Fixed folder structure 4 years ago
  Casper Thule a64bdf4b1e Adapted to new SA implementation 4 years ago
  Casper Thule e6c5fd32e3 Added functionality for: 4 years ago
  Casper Thule a989bc4229 Refactored big time and fixed type issues 4 years ago
  Casper Thule 09a02042e2 Almost working window - needs return information adjustment 4 years ago
  Casper Thule 7f210f63d9 Refactored 4 years ago
  Casper Thule 926e939d7d Updated to match naming of fmu file 4 years ago
  Casper Thule 84a3d1344f Improvement on the generation of window sa 4 years ago
  Casper Thule 8a3fc24769 Created new tests 4 years ago
  Casper Thule ef0cbe4b30 Ignored failing tests 4 years ago
  Casper Thule 6036d5a1c8 Ignored failing tests 4 years ago
  Casper Thule dcea5979ee Created test framework that runs parameterized tests 4 years ago
  Casper Thule a4fdabdf30 attempt to make parameterized tests 4 years ago
  Kenneth Lausdahl 5274c3558a changed test to not double parse the spec files 4 years ago
  Kenneth Lausdahl 17846806f5 added cpp generation projects 4 years ago