Multi-Paradigm Modelling

  • Collected CAMPaM references (including material presented at Invited Sessions on CAMPaM at workshops, two journal special issues on CAMPaM, and much more).
  • Pieter J. Mosterman and Hans Vangheluwe. Computer Automated Multi-Paradigm Modeling: An Introduction. Simulation: Transactions of the Society for Modeling and Simulation International, 80(9):433-450, 2004. Special Issue: Grand Challenges for Modeling and Simulation. [pdf].
  • Hans L. Vangheluwe, Juan de Lara, and Pieter J. Mosterman. An introduction to multi-paradigm modelling and simulation. In Fernando Barros and Norbert Giambiasi, editors, Proceedings of the AIS'2002 Conference (AI, Simulation and Planning in High Autonomy Systems), pages 9 -- 20, April 2002. Lisboa, Portugal. [pdf].
  • Jonathan Sprinkle's course at UC Berkeley on Model-Integrated Computing.

Model Driven Engineering

  • Planet MDE, a treasure trove of information on MDE.


  • Colin Atkinson and Thomas Kuhne. Rearchitecting the UML infrastructure [pdf]. ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation (TOMACS). Volume 12, Issue 4. pp 290 - 321. October 2002.
  • Daniel Varro and Andras Pataricza. VPM: A visual, precise and multilevel metamodeling framework for describing mathematical domains and UML (The Mathematics of Metamodeling is Metamodeling Mathematics) [pdf]. Software and Systems Modeling. Volume 2, No. 3 pp. 187 - 210. October 2003.

Model (mostly Graph) Transformation

  • L. Baresi and R. Heckel, Tutorial Introduction to Graph Transformation: A Software Engineering Perspective. In Corradini, A.,H. Ehrig, H.-J. Kreowski und G. Rozenberg (Editors): Proc. 1st Int. Conference on Graph Transformation (ICGT 02), Barcelona, Spain, Volume 2505 of Lecture Notes in Comp. Science. Springer-Verlag, Oktober 2002. [ps].
  • L. Baresi and R. Heckel, Foundations and Applications of Graph Transformation: An introduction from a software engineering perspective. [presentation (pdf)].
  • D. Blostein, H. Fahmy and A. Grbavec, Practical Use of Graph Rewriting [pdf].
  • Graph Transformation tools: AGG, PROGRES, GME, AToM3.
  • Model Evolution.

Visual Modelling

Statecharts and beyond

  • David Harel. Statecharts: A Visual Formalism for Complex Systems. Science of Computer Programming. Volume 8. 1987. pp. 231 - 274. [pdf].
  • David Harel. On Visual Formalisms. Communications of the ACM. Volume 31, No. 5. 1988. pp. 514 - 530. [pdf].
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  • David Harel. Can Behavioral Requirements be Executed ? [ps]. Introduces Play-in/Play-out.
  • David Harel and Hillel Kugler. Synthesizing state-based object systems from LSC specifications. International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science, Vol. 13, No.1. 2002. pp. 5-51. World Scientific Publishing Company. [ps].
  • David Harel and Rami Marelly. Specifying and Executing Behavioral Requirements: The Play-In/Play-Out Approach [pdf]. Software and Systems Modeling. Volume 2, Number 2. July 2003. pp. 82 - 107.

Domain-Specific Modelling

CAMPaM Applications

Miscellaneous interesting links

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