Cargese Interdisciplinary Seminar 2009 

Welcome to the home page of the Cargese Interdisciplinary Seminar 2009!.

The workshop aims at defining new research directions for activity-based systems by bringing together world experts from many disciplines.

The workshop will be held Monday 20 (arrival) - Friday 24 (departure) April 2009 at Cargese Institute.
The workshop takes the Dagstuhl and CAMPaM seminar formats --bring a critical mass of top researchers together in a relatively remote location and soon new ideas will flow.


Seminar Objectives

Topic in 2009: Modeling & Simulation of Evolutionary Agents in Virtual Worlds

Development algorithmic and mathematical structures for the modeling and simulation of virtual worlds embedding evolutionary interacting agents. In physical and extended simulation worlds resources are considered to be limited. Lively, physical or computational systems have to track and optimize activity adapting structure. Agents are activity-aware of self and external resources. Their structure evolves according to fitness functions and objectives. The whole virtual world is constituted of activity-tracking and activity-aware systems, whose survival critically depends on efficiently allocating simulation resources. "Activity" concept relates to the distribution of structural and behavioral state changes in space and time.

Seminar Concept
Specialists of many disciplines (Economics, Evolutionary cognitive sciences, Ecology, Game, Robotics, Industry, Parallel and distributed simulation, Computer engineering) are invited to the seminar. Every specialist writes a high-quality research article (8-15 pages). Every paper should be ready before the seminar. Accommodation and lunch are offered to the participants. In addition, there will be no registration fee. Every full article will be peer-reviewed by two other invited scientists. An ISBN-referenced book will be printed before the seminar including all papers and according to the following hard deadlines. Five books will be offered to every participant. Every article will also be provided in free access on the seminar website. Travel expenses are not supported by the seminar organization. At the seminar, theory and application oriented workshops will be organized to compare and integrate contributions.

Seminar Hard Deadlines
  • August 15, 2008: Acceptation of the invitation returned to the Program Chair David RC Hill
  • November 30, 2008: Full paper submission
  • February 28, 2009: Final paper
  • April 20-25, 2009: Cargese seminar

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