Chahe Adourian 
M.Sc. Thesis Student
Modelling, Simulation and Design Lab
School of Computer Science
McGill University
McConnell Engineering bldg. room 202
3480 University Street
Montreal, Quebec
+1 (514) 926 4668
chahe.adourian at

Dear visitors, welcome to my homepage.

I'm a Master student in School of Computer Science, McGill University. I'm now working in MSDL under the supervision of Professor Hans Vangheluwe.

My interest lies in the integration of a set of existing engineering tools for either design or simulation to provide system engineers with a Domain Specific Modeling environment for spacecraft. The emphasis is on the integration of the various tools used through the initial phases of design, and even all the way to detailed design. The objectives are as follows:

  • to simplify the design process
  • to enable the creation of a system level simulation for evaluating design performance quickly
  • to enable each subsystem specialist to work with the tools of his/her trade, and then allow that information to be used towards building the system simulator seamlessly
  • to enable subsystem specialist to evaluate the interactions of their subsystems with the other subsystems without undue effort, or specialized knowledge
  • to enable a gradual increase in the complexity of models used; to enable to mix-and-match complexe models of one subsystem with simple models of another; to enable seamless replacement of a model specified in one formalism with another specified in another formalism (specific examples: replace simple logical models of power consumption, with a full-fledged electrical circuitry of the spacecraft; replace the block-diagram type thermal model with a Finite element model, ...)
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