Modelling and Simulation (COMP 522)
Fall Term 2003

The 2003 incarnation of this course is similar to the 2002 version.
Have a look at the 2002 website.

As discussed in class, the final grade distribution is: 15% for each assignment; exactly one assignment is replaced by a project using the same/similar formalism. The project is worth 25%.

The course


Gordon's GPSS examples.

3 December

28 November Some minor updates and typo corrections have been made to the DEVS assignment.

25 November The DEVS assignment is now available (in gory detail).

14 November The grades for the Causal Block Diagram assignment are now available on WebCT.

12 November Evening class 07:05 pm-08:25 pm in ENGTR 0070 ! Tutorial on the use of the PythonDEVS simulator to be used for the DEVS assignment.

10 November

5 November

2 November In case you do not have enough quota to install AToM3 in your own directory, you can use the central installation in /usr/local/pkgs/AToM3-2.2 from the machines in the SOCS labs. Note that you will not be able to change the default settings. Also, you should save models in your own directory, not in the global directory.

29 October Evening class 07:05 pm-08:25 pm in ENGTR 0070 !
Discrete Event Modelling and Simulation: Notes [pdf], presentation [pdf].
David Belanger and Hesheng Chen built an Event-Scheduling and Activity Scanning simulator for their 2001 COMP 522 project.

27 October

There will be no class nor office hours during the week 20 - 24 October Prof. Vangheluwe and Thomas Feng are at UML 2003. Have a look at our presentation [pdf] if you like to see Statecharts and the UML at work.
During this week, you should read the paper "Executable Object Modeling with Statecharts" by Harel and Gery [pdf]. We will discuss this paper during the October 27th class.

10 October

6 October The transparencies for today's class on System Specification are available in pdf.

5 October The deadline for assignment 1 has been moved to Thrusday 9 October !

29 September

28 September Assignment 1: on line 174 of the example, you should change

block.block_out_value.setValue( block.block_type.getValue()[1] == 4 )


block.block_out_value.setValue( float(block.block_type.getValue()[1] == 4) )

to make it work with the more type-strict python 2.3.

24 September As of today, classes will be held in Trottier 1100 !

22 September The Causal Block Diagram assignment is up in the Assignments at long last !

17 September Tutorial and intro to assignment 1, 19:00 - 20:30 in MC210.

10 September

9 September A project subject wishlist compiled from class responses can now be found in the projects section.

8 September The course outline is now available on this page.

3 September The course intro lecture is now available in pdf format.

2 September The first class(es) will NOT take place in the Trottier building, but rather in PETH 306 (Peterson Hall). Peterson Hall, home of the Department of French Language and Literature is located at 3460 McTavish Street. Check Minerva for up-to-date information.