Modelling and Simulation
Fall Term 2004 COMP 522A (CRN 1085)

The 2004 incarnation of this course is similar to the 2003 version.
Have a look at the 2003 website.

The course


15 October There will be no class !

5 October Note that from now on all announcements will be made via WebCT.

24 September You can now launch AToM3 on the Trottier machines as


Download and install atom3-user.tgz first (from the assignment website). When you start AToM3, you will be asked to choose the directory where user models etc. reside. Point AToM3 to the atom3-user directory. Note that today, AToM3 will only work on the Linux/Gentoo machines. From tomorrow onwards, TkInter will be installed on the FreeBSD machines, so AToM3 will work on those too.

17 September 8:00 - 9:30 in Trottier 1080, Dr. Pieter Mosterman of The MathWorks visiting McGill after a world tour demonstrating the latest realease of the Simulink software, will demonstrate model-based multi-formalism modelling and simulation of real-world systems using Matlab/Simulink. The examples he will present such as the dynamics of a landing aircraft, and the behaviour of a car's power window are complex, but ultimately based on concepts and formalisms which we study in COMP 522: Causal Block Diagrams, Statecharts, ...

1 September Have a look at assignments and projects of previous versions of COMP 522 found on HV's teaching page.