Modelling and Simulation Based Design (COMP 762B)

Modelling and Simulation Based Design
Winter Term 2006 COMP 762B (CRN 4573))

The course


The purpose of this course is to look at the State of The Art in Modelling and Simulation on the one hand and Software (and to a far lesser extent Hardware) Design on the other hand. The goal is to get some insight into the Model Based Development (MDD) of truly complex systems. In particular, we will look into the recent trend towards Domain-Specific Modelling (DSM). The focus will be on the use of multiple modelling formalisms and their interrelationships to study and design such complex systems. We will study meta-modelling and model transformation (mostly using Graph Rewriting) extensively as they enable the development of MDD tools. In the software realm, we will study the recent evolutions of the Unified Modelling Language (UML) and how the UML fits in the broader context of computer-automated multi-paradigm modelling and simulation (CAMPaM).

Method and Evaluation

The course will study research publications in the literature. You should be capable of independent, critical reading. Students will be expected to give (at least) two presentations, and to evaluate the other presentations.
The presentations should be prepared in an electronic form that can be used to create an online resource. The first presentation reviews work from the literature. The second presentation presents the result of a small research project which builds on the material you have studied.
You will be evaluated on your presentation, your presentation evaluations (how well you understood other presentations), and your project.

You will also be graded on your work during in-class tutorials (building for example a small modelling environment using meta-modelling and graph rewriting).

Warning: you will have to learn Python on your own and use the AToM3 meta-modelling tool.


Thursday 2 March at 13:00 (Trottier Labs). Hands-on development of Operational Semantics of the Timed Traffic formalism.

Thursday 9 February at 13:00 (Trottier Labs). Hands-on development of Abstract and Concrete Syntax of the Timed Traffic formalism.


Presentation evaluation form [pdf] [txt] (please submit via e-mail no later than one day after the presentation).


Modelling Languages, Formalisms, Syntax, Semantics, ...

Meta-modelling and Mega-modelling

Domain-Specific Modelling (DSM)

Model Transformation, Graph Transformation

Concrete Syntax: Visual Languages

Multi-Paradigm Modelling

Meta-modelling and Graph Transformation in AToM3

Formalisms: Statecharts

From behaviour requirements to execution

The Unified Modeling Language UML (and its consistency problems)

Model Driven Architecture

Model Based Design of User Interfaces


Miscellaneous interesting links