5 - multiple popup windows with Class Diagram   

Structure of the Class Diagram :

We use class Diagram to have the possibility to create easily new popup.
In fact, when the user clic to create a new popup, actually we create a new instance of the class 'DrawingToolBehaviour' (see belove) and associate it with a new window.
Thus, one popup of the drawing tool application is associate with one instance of the class diagram (his behaviour).
After that, each change the user do will only change the right instance of the popup.
For more details, you can see the structure :

general model : ici

Dchart of the Menu : ici

Dchart of Drawing tool area : ici

Dchart of Drawing tool menu : ici

Dchart of Drawing tool download loop : ici

Server and svg files :

In the client side, we need our svg files (with javascript) witch'll talk to our python server (in ajax).
That server directly use class Diagram (create new instance, send event, ect...) to respond the right function to the
right popup.

Here, you can download all the files you need : Class Diagram application
when it's done, unzip it, double clic on the server (HTTPServer.py) and clic

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