Selected Publications
  • Alessandro Bozzon, Sara Comai, Piero Fraternali and Massimo Tisi
    Current Research on the Design of Web 2.0 Applications based on Model-Driven Approaches.
    IWWOST 2008

  • P. Fraternali and M. Tisi.
    Building community-based Web applications with a Model-Driven approach and design patterns [Submitted].
    IGI Global, 2008

  • Piero Fraternali and Massimo Tisi.
    Identifying Cultural Markers for Web Application Design Targeted to a Multi-Cultural Audience.
    In ICWE2008, 2008

  • Marco Brambilla, Piero Fraternali, Matteo Silva, and Massimo Tisi.
    Marginalized Young People: Inclusion Through ICT.
    In IDC 2008, 2008

  • R. Acerbis, A. Bongio, M. Brambilla, M. Tisi, S. Ceri, and E. Tosetti.
    Developing ebusiness solutions with a model driven approach: The case of acer emea.
    ICWE 2007, 4607, 2007

  • P. Fraternali, M. Tisi, and A. Bongio.
    Automating function point analysis with model driven development.
    CASCON 2006 - IBM Center for Advanced Studies on Collaborative research, 2006

  • Piero Fraternali, Stefano Ceri, Massimo Tisi, and Emanuele Tosetti.
    Developing ebusiness solutions with a model driven approach.
    In IMP2006, 2006

  • L. Baresi, P. Fraternal, M. Tisi, and S. Morasca.
    Towards model-driven testing of a web application generator.
    Web Engineering: 5th International Conference, ICWE 2005, Sydney, Australia, 2005

Master Thesis
  • Formal Techniques for Testing a Web Application Generator
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