Title: How do control system design engineers use models and simulation?
Date: Monday, December 12, 2005
Organizer: Pieter J. Mosterman, The MathWorks, USA
Abstract: In control system design, we typically model the plant in detail and then make the model amenable to control law synthesis. With this law at its core, the controller model is gradually refined with implementation detail. Physical models are combined with computational models to ensure we can realize the design. At present, computational modeling increasingly replaces physical modeling. This requires sophisticated modeling formalisms and tools. For example, in plant modeling, domain specific languages for, e.g., multi-body systems and image processing systems as well as extensive tool infrastructure, are needed. The challenges we face to further this trend are:
  • providing domain-specific modeling formalisms,
  • providing tool support,
  • combining different formalisms, and
  • automatic model translation.
We discuss the role of models in control system design and address questions such as: Is there a set of sufficient semantic notions for our modeling languages or a general 'computing API' to combine different formalisms? Is simulation a sufficiently powerful technology? What is the best approach to generating modeling formalisms (libraries, meta-modeling, API, other)? Is there an optimal formalism to translate between formalisms? Can we derive denotational or operational models from axiomatic specifications (i.e., generate models from 'scenarios')? How about producing target specific code? How can style guidelines be enforced and is there a need to configure tools for controller design? How about support for enterprise-wide modeling? Can model reduction techniques handle industrial models for control synthesis? How can you guarantee model composability? How can we obtain explicit models (e.g., hybrid automata) from models in a more practicable representation?
Presentations: Introduction—How do control system design engineers use models and simulation?
Pieter J. Mosterman, The MathWorks, USA
Lennart Ljung, Linköping University, Sweden
Fundamental research problems raised by heterogeneity in the design of embedded systems
Albert Benveniste, INRIA/IRISA, France
Thoughts on system design by engineers for modeling and simulation
Jonathan Sprinkle, University of California, Berkeley, USA
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