Panel Chair
Panel Members
Roy Crosbie
California State University at Chico
Jeffrey Fong
U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology
Terry Ericsen
Office of Naval Research
Pedro Marcal
Mpave Corporation
The Society for Modeling and
Simulation International
P.O. Box 17900
San Diego, CA  92177-7900
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Panel Session: Model Component Standardization and Certification
Componentization has proven to be a powerful paradigm in complex system design. It allows a system to be decomposed into components with well-defined interfaces and behavior without exposing the details of how the behavior is achieved. Extensive catalogues of hardware components such as electrical motors, hydraulic pumps, and operational amplifiers exist, where data sheets relay specific characteristic behavior of the components with a given accuracy.
Topics of Interest
- Benchmark models
- Modeling standards
- Model assumptions
   - Context
   - Purpose
- Funding options
- Liability issues
- Procedures
   - How to submit a model?
   - How to request a standardization?
   - How to disseminate?
- Previous efforts, success stories
- Multi-resolution modeling, managing levels of abstraction
Session Goals
- Explicate the needs to enable a business paradigm where computational models are provided by suppliers, rather than hardware components.
- Identify the aspects involved in establishing an international advisory board to provide an accredited library of components for standardization and to certify benchmark computational models.
- Provide a forum for further exchange of information on:
   - The availability and accessibility of the library and copyright issues.
   - Establishing test suites to achieve coverage of model functionality.
Session Agenda
3:30 - Introduction by Pieter Mosterman
3:40 - Panelists position statements (~ 5 to 10 minutes each)
         * Roy Crosbie
         * Jeffrey Fong
         * Terry Ericsen
         * Pedro Marcal
4:10 - Synopsis of presented business paradigm needs
4:20 - Discuss and consolidate advisory board aspects
4:40 - Determine action items to address issues raised and to move forward
Pieter J. Mosterman
The MathWorks, Inc.
2007 High Level Simulation Languages and Applications (HLSLA) Conference
Sponsored by the Society for Modeling and Simulation International
"Moving Towards the Unified Simulation Approach"
2007 Western MultiConference on Modeling & Simulation (WMC'07)