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Note: A pdf version of this report is also available.

Higher Intelligence in Embedded Systems Design and Operation: A research and development proposal

Pieter J. Mosterman

Date: June 19, 2001


Models are used in systems engineering for knowledge representation, structured analysis, and to bridge conceptual differences between domains, e.g., to facilitate hardware/software co-design. Additionally, with the advent of ubiquitous computing, model-based applications, e.g., in control, diagnosis, and maintenance, will become pervasive and ultimately become as proliferated as embedded computing power. To handle the multitude of formalisms for model design and analysis and to combine and relate these, the emerging field of computer automated multi-paradigm modeling relies on the notion of meta-modeling, i.e., modeling the model. When extended with sophisticated model transformation facilities, the multi-paradigm modeling notions can thus be exploited further to facilitate a suite of technologies and applications that implement a form of higher intelligence.


Pieter Mosterman ER