Meetings with Hans   
Summer's big picture

May, 11th 2008

  • This was a massive MSDL meeting; Hans, Reehan, Eugene, Charles, Nicolae, Xiaoxi and me were there. We introduced ourselves and the projects we're working on. Hans made a huge diagram on the blackboard, wrote down the topics/projects and, under them, the names of the present and future members of the lab.

    • Kernel: Xiaoxi Dong will be working in developing the new kernel of AToM3 (AToM3 Redux). AToM3's meta-model is Class Diagrams and, while in the current version constraints and actions must be coded using Python, in the new AToM3 constraint and actions will me modelled too, as it should be! This is a huge project, and will affect everyone, so very probably we'll all have something to do with the kernel.

    • Textual: Reehan Shaikh is already working on a Modelica compiler for AToM3.

    • Visual: If I understood correctly, Nicolae Rusan is going to help Jacob Beard on improving the visual appearance of model editing in AToM3, plus building a web-based model editing version of AToM3 (because, ultimately, we'd like AToM3 to be completely web-based). Nicolae may perform further work on this after Jake.

    • Transformation/Version control: This is almost entirely Eugene Syriani's territory. I guess he will be performing some more work on the MoTif compiler. The main difficulty of developing the version control is detecting differences between models.

    • Testing: Amr Al Mallah will be performing further work on his personal project for the course COMP763, about testing model transformations. Sagar Sen and Benoit Baudry, from Universite de Rennes, and Massimo Tisi, from Politecnico di Milano, are also joining the lab during the Summer, and are going to work on model testing too.

    • Multi-view & multi-user: Our AToM3 partners in Madrid, Juan de Lara and Esther Guerra, have been working on this for a long time already. We'll intend to have semi-regular Skype meetings with them. Apparently, Eugene is also going to be involved in this part too.

    • Statecharts/Applications: Raphael Mannadiar may be joining the lab to perform further work on his PhoneApps/Google Android application. I'll be working with the iRobot Create. Hans suggested the possibility of building a visual application to easily model the robot's behaviour, a tool that could be used by anyone. Chahe Adourian, working for the Canadian Space Agency, is also joining the lab during the Summer to perform work on consistency between mechanical CAD and mechanical dynamics.

Course is over

May, 9th 2008

  • Last week everyone at course COMP763 gave their second presentation on their personal projects. You can find all the projects (very interesting ones by the way) here, and this was mine.

  • I start redacting the first part of my Master Thesis' report. I discuss with Hans what should be the index of it. Hans suggests drawing a tree-like index of the subjects I'm going to talk about, and divide them into "questions" I will answer in subsections in each chapter. The tree-like index will give a big picture of the MSc and will help me to write the different chapters in such a way that the reader will not lose the focus on the main topic while reading the report.

    • Chapter 1: brief introduction to statecharts, DCharts, modelling with AToM3, etc.

    • Chapter 2: modelling a game character's behaviour (Tank Wars game)

    • Chapter 3: modelling the robot's behaviour (iRobot Create)

The team is complete: first meeting

February, 25th 2008

  • We discussed two statecharts papers by David Harel, and talked about everyone's purpose in the lab. So, as I already knew, I'm implementing the Tank Wars statecharts. Charles is adding new features to the statecharts compiler (maybe rebuilding it?). Reehan is doing something on Modelica...

Discussing our options

January, 16th 2008

  • First approach to Petri Nets and Statecharts in the COMP 763 course. Also, an introduction to Python, the object-oriented language that's most commonly used at the MSD lab. These will be my everyday tools, so right now I really need to work on my knowledge base.

  • Where are we now, and where do we want to go to? We're setting out from ATOM3 and we want to develop a "Tank wars" game. Two possibilities here: building a website on which to hold virtual tank wars, or programming a small robot (the "tank") for the more real-life approach. We'll very probably develop both projects when the lab's work team is complete, by February. Then we'll see "who does what".

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