Vamshi Raghu 
M.A. Thesis Student (Music Technology)
Modelling, Simulation and Design Lab
School of Computer Science
McGill University
McConnell Engineering bldg. room 202
3480 University Street
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H3A 2A7
+1 (514) 398 7071 ext. 0364
+1 (514) 398 3883


I am interested in using meta-modeling tools to facilitate machine-mediated collaborative design and instruction, especially for modeling the evolution of instruction and contruction in communities of practice. My current focus is on incremental expertise modeling, capture and reuse. I am interested in using the modeling artifacts generated as part of this process to make content-aware content management systems and model driven editing, navigation and versioning systems.

LickMan - The Content Aware Audio Content Manager is an agent based approach to audio content authoring and management that is inspired by social constructivism applied to computational musicology.

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