MSDL research "portfolio" + WEST Overview 

Presentations by MSDL members and by Filip H.A. Claeys .

Attended by MSDL and Flanders Make's Davy Maes , Paola Campestrini and Bart Meyers.

Download presentations: (PDF)

Download Modelverse Demo: (MP4)


09:00 - Coffee at Hans' office (M.G.116)

09:30 - Welcome and High-level Overview (Hans Vangheluwe)

10:30 - Overview on Co-simulation (ClŠudio Gomes)

11:30 - RAMification, FTG+PM, SCCD, debugging (Simon Van Mierlo)

12:30 - Lunch

13:30 - DEVS, Modelverse (Yentl Van Tendeloo)

14:30 - Construction and Evolution of Complex Modelling and Simulation Tools (Filip H.A. Claeys)

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