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The purpose of this symposium is to provide a forum to discuss recent advancements in M&S theory. The main focus is on modeling, methodology, practice and software to cope with the challenges arising out of these, as well as lessons learned and challenges. The Symposium bridges different areas in the field of theory of M&S, including formal modeling, model-checking, graph transformation, modeling methodologies.

TMS/DEVS has received IEEE technical sponsorship. Proceedings will also be published on IEEExplore.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

Theory of Modeling and Simulation

  • DEVS, Petri-nets, Finite State Machines, Timed Automata, Process Algebras, Queuing Networks, etc.
  • Formalism Integration
  • Modular Formalisms for Hybrid Systems
  • Formal analysis and symbolic reasoning
  • Model checking
  • Behavior Abstraction and Model Reduction
  • Graph and model transformations
  • Activity paradigm: complex adaptive systems, tracking, awareness

M & S Software

  • M&S Software
  • M&S Frameworks
  • M&S Languages and language extensions
  • Education aspects of Theory of M&S
  • M&S standards


  • Parallel & distributed simulations
  • Interoperability of simulators (grid, cloud, web services, etc.)
  • M&S-based development methods
  • M&S-based system optimization
  • M&S of gene regulatory networks
  • M&S of spatially distributed systems

Practice and Lessons Learned

  • Real-time and embedded systems
  • High performance computing
  • Cloud and service-oriented computing
  • Transportation and traffic systems
  • Ecological and environmental systems
  • Systems-of-systems and ultra large scale systems


Download TMS-DEVS2016 Preliminary in pdf format.


See Submissions for detailed information about how to submit to TMS/DEVS ’16.

DEVS M&S PhD Award

The Symposium will hold the 5th DEVS M&S PhD Award, to recognize and reward the best PhD thesis related to the DEVS M&S formalism. See

DEVS M&S Dissertation Award

for information.

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