DSM TP 2017
8th International Summer School
on Domain-Specific Modeling
Theory and Practice
Montreal, Canada
10-14 July 2017


DSM TP 2017

Welcome to the 8th Summer School on Domain Specific Modelling Theory and Practice (DSM-TP) which will be held on 10-14 July 2017 at the University of Montreal, Canada. The Summer School is hosted by the Department of Computer Science and Operations Research (DIRO).

DSM-TP is the perfect event to attend if you want to learn about foundations and best practices of domain modeling, domain-specific languages, model transformation, model verification, and industrial use cases of model-based systems engineering.

Why domain-specific modeling?

The complexity of today's problems that software systems try to solve is ever increasing. Domain Specific Modeling addresses these issues by working at different levels of abstractions and automating the process to provide implementations of the solution that are tailored to the problem domain.


DSM-TP is aimed at researchers, teachers, practitioners, and students (typically PhD. level) who intend to study or work with Domain Specific Modeling. The purpose is to learn about foundations as well as best practices in an open and stimulating environment. There will be ample opportunities to discuss with other participants and with the speakers. These speakers are experienced and active professionals, leaders in their field, whose academic and industrial background covers the broad range of topics of the school. The school offers a 5-day intensive training with a balanced blend of theory and hands-on practice.

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