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ESPRIT Basic Research Working Group 8467
Simulation for the Future: New Concepts, Tools and Applications

simulation technologies, multi-paradigm modelling, solvers, standards, interoperability, industrial deployment, demonstrators, user-simulator interfaces

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Welcome to the SiE-WG/SiE-SIG homepage

What are SiE-WG and SiE-SIG ?

SiE-WG is an ESPRIT Information Technology Basic Research Working Group sponsored by the European Union. As an initiative of the SiE-SIG (Special Interest Group), the Working Group brings together industries, academia and end-users involved in the development as well as use of modelling and simulation. The SIG with its (currently) 200 partners acts as an external steering and validation organism for the Working Group. SIG contributions vary from using Working Group results, over validation of Working Group activities, to active participation in the Working Group research.

SiE starts from the basic premise that modelling and simulation methodologies, techniques and tools are generic in nature and enable complex problem solving in diverse domains.

SiE is not a simulation society (such as EUROSIM, SCS, ...) but rather a collection of partners interested in and willing to actively contribute to the advancement of modelling and simulation technologies. Given this aim, SiE's active members are not limited to Europe, but span the whole world (though sponsoring is only available within Europe).

What is the mission of SiE ?

Who are the SiE partners ?

We are currently putting the SiE database online. It will allow one to search for SIG and WG members with particular interests. For the time being, the following are (rather chaotic) textual dumps of the old database (August 1996). Here, you can become a member of the Special Interest Group SiE-SIG and register your interest in particular SiE activities.


The log of all SiE's activities since it's inception has not yet been put online. If you are interested in the 2 reports on the focussing phase of SiE's operation, send e-mail to The focussing phase has led to a list of Action Clusters, consisting of related, concrete Research Actions. Here is a short description of SiE's history (gzip'ed, PostScript, 6 p.).

Currently, SiE-WG is organising a workshop in Gent, Belgium (November 29-30) on all the Actions, the writing of a "White Book" and the inception of a Network of Excellence in Simulation Technologies.

Here is an overview and short descripton of the Research Actions with the e-mail addresses of the Action Leaders.

Here is the list of all Action Clusters and Actions with pointers to their home pages. This area is very much under construction and more information about the activities of the different Actions is put online regularly.

Miscellaneous Modelling and Simulation Information

The following is an attempt to gather and structure information related to the broad subject of Modelling and Simulation. We strongly believe in a set of generic methods and techniques and corresponding tools which can be employed to study (analyse, design, control) complex systems. These methods and techniques are generic in the sense they are quite independent of a particular application.
Apart from the diverse application domains where it can enable safer, better, ... solutions, Modelling and Simulation also draws on different fields of research such as Computer Science, Systems Theory, Formal Semantics, Artificial Intelligence and Control Theory to provide its generic methods, techniques and tools. Please contribute by sending us comments regarding needs of the Modelling and Simulation community as well as interesting URL's.

Simulation in Europe --- August 28, 1996