Wish List

Wish List


AToM3 v.0.2.2

  • Transition effects (e.g. puff, fade) when a Graphical Object is destroyed.
  • Copying GG rules, entities, etc... It would be very convenient.
  • Allow saving invalid models. For example, it will enable loading subgraphs directly into LHS and RHS instead of manually creating them or using other bootstrap means (e.g. transformations).
  • More controles (e.g. move up, move down) w.r.t elements of sequences in AToM3 Examples are objects in ATOM3Lits, rules in GG models, etc..
  • Make Constrains and Action have specification and body similar to Method in UML
  • Visually (de)selecting an object(s).
  • Use deep copy when copying attributs from LHS to RHS.
  • What is the order of processing objects in RHS?
  • Animate mode does not take into account time delays of GG rules (actual delay is about 1 sec.)
  • convenient methods (bound to graphObject_) to get data about the bound box around object's appearence.
  • Is there a nice way to launch dialod windows from GG actions (e.g. to display error message)?
  • Saving global attributes together with LHS and RHS models in order to e.g. document interpretation of changes. Same applies to GGlabels.
  • Type Text is defined as class Text in module ATOM3Text in the list of Types. It appears that type code generation in ATOM3 uses class name to guess its module and will do: import Text from Text, which will fail.
  • ERmodels is conflicting with SCD models. The bug shows itself when ER and SCD metamodels are loaded into AToM3 (model, LHS or RHS) at the same time. After a discussion with Ernesto, I suspect that the bug is due to a naming conflict between ER and SCD.
  • What is an easy way to read data from complex datatypes (e.g. Constraint)?
  • Extend dynemically AToM3 paremeter list with new (meta) objects specified on a canvas (e.g. like classes are new types in UML)?
  • Decorations in segments and links seem to be buggy, as AToM3 often does not remove them correctly.
  • Event SELECT does not work

New additions

  • elements of TypesMetaModel formalism do not behave normaly when in LHS: e.g. option Set to any is not awaylable for all features of the element, thus making pattern matching very limited.
  • Why Dir. for Code Generation is included to AToM3's Path Directory, even if it does not appear on the list (see File->Options)?

Hans Vangheluwe

  • Brainstorm on a better title of my thesis. Is my thesis captured in: "Construction of M&S environments with metamodels and transformations"?
  • Critique my thesis; come up with concept map of the thesis
  • Merge chapter 4 and 5 of the thesis?
  • Braistorm on Simulation Demos (Hans's experience with West++ can be very usefull)
  • Everything is a model. We demonstrate how to construct environments with meta-models and transformations. One might point out there certainly will be cases when the presented (note, not proposed) framework will not work (as we do not present a proof of the opposite). However we will argue that because everything is a model we can easily tailor the framework's models to a concrete case w/o loosing the advantages of the framework. (can I prove the last statement?)
  • recommendation from Hans (description of what was accomplished during my stay here?)
  • which search engine to use for publications?
  • How to approach integrating remote calls (to NCSE) into AToM3?
  • References to OCL with side-effects
  • New contents for NCSE environment
    • tools: a new version of PythonDEVS?
    • models: models for PythonDEVS?
    • users: authors of PythonDEVS models?