Wish List


This page is dedicated to my experience of staying in Canada. I just hope I will find enough time and dedication to attend this project.




  • Beluga - a nice, fresh and clean, affordable hotel/motel.

Ukraine in Montreal

"Montréal Ukrainian Festival 2003":


  • ...


  • Ukraininan Youth Association: Corner Beaubien and St. Michel (note: get a complete address)


Troika Restaurant
is a place that serves russian and french(!) cuisine. But it is as good as it gets to find our food in Motreal. Address: Somewhere on Cresent Street


Ukrainian Easter Eggs by Hryhorij Dyczok.

Car rental

One cannot avoid this evil in North America.. Here are some places to rent a car and get on your dream trip to the Niagara Waterfall:




Getting around

MapQuest - Maps, directions, road planners..


Iranian restaurants

Tehran - is more of an eating place for Iranians, so don't expect a fancy decor. However the food was VERY good and cheap, plus we got nice treatment.

Byblos - an Iranian-cum-Mediterranean restaurant on Laurier. I am really sorry to write this, but food was so-so, meals were rather small, and treatment could have been better. Those seeking for a nice restaurant can look elsewhere. Those wanting Iranian atmosphere and cuisine will be better served in Tehran.

Le Cabaret du Roy - an atmospheric restaurant that offers tasty Gastronomy enhanced with live Music amd Acting, all from the New-France era some 300 years ago. The prices are rather steep by local standards (we paid ~100 CAD incl. taxes for dinner for two), but quite acceptible for Holland (65 euros). An experince you are likely to remember, especially if you deside to take part in the show (for a small fee). The only minus is that you must understand French to experinec the dinner fully.


Good belgium chocolades (e.g. Leonidas) and quite expensive and thought after here.


A lot of Cheddar.. Too much. And too little and too expensive of plain dutch cheese.


Beware of low-fat products here. A case in point is margarins, which are a few color and taste shades away from Nivea body creams (not that I tried the latter, not that it is a valid comparison calory wise)


"Schwartz's Deli" is the place in Montreal for smoke meat lovers, like me or many other people from Bukowina region. As a matter of fact, the place was established by a romanian (I need to double check it) (Bukowina :) in 1930 (fact). You can't find such meats in a normal store or supermarket and if you decide to give a try to this place, be ready to stay in a queue (that's righ - a slow queue in America which reminded me a bit queus for deficits in Soviet times.) The place is locates on Saint Laurent street (more precise address to come)


Bread is good though. In particular, I like French baugete here.


DQ (Diery Queen) is a pretty good place to get your milk shake (with a real banana) or a corn of ice-cream

Coffee.. well, I still can't find coffee I like here. It might be my personal problem so.. It justv never tastes right for me: either too bitter or too much of some other tastes. Anyway, Second Cup is my current favourite place to get coffee. They are everywhere, and have a big assortiment of coffee derivaties so popular here (cocktails, caramel, etc.. )


CNN, CBC, Fox44, Discovery, and fiew more are english spoken, but, on avarege, they are pretty boring for adults (e.g. too much cartoons or too few movies). There are better channels, but they are in French .

NOTE: tax refund is valid for for purchases outside of Quebec.