Joeri Exelmans   
Modelling, Simulation and Design Lab
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
University of Antwerp
1, Middelheimlaan
Belgium 2020

Nov 2021 - Present: FWO SB fellowship. Main research topic: Engineering of hybrid modeling languages and their tools (modeling, simulation, debugging, ... environments). Other topics currently "involved" in: (1) operation-based, optimistic model versioning (2) workflow and trace modeling in systems engineering

Nov 2020 - Okt 2021: Worked on a Flanders Make infrastructure project "Collaborative Design Facility" (CDF) on the broad topic of facilitating collaboration in complex systems engineering workflows, through hardware (specifically designed meeting rooms) and software (versioning, inconsistency management, traceability, ...).

Sep 2019 - Sep 2020: Re-enrolled at the University of Antwerpen to finish my master thesis, "Semantic Variation of Statecharts" supervised by Prof. Hans Vangheluwe and guided by Simon Van Mierlo.

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