Research Internship II   

Research Internship II


Added a number of semantic options to SCCD compiler, and rewritten part of the stepping algorithm. Have a look at the semantics branch in the SCCD project on SVN.

I've also written a report on the available options and the new stepping algorithm: semantic_options.pdf.


Live demo of SCCD used to interact with a bouncing ball:


Javascript generator status: all test files compile and produce the expected results.


Forked Glenn's repository:

Added initial version of Javascript runtime. It's mostly a port of the Python runtime to Javascript (same data structures, same names), except for the fact that Javascript doesn't have threads or locks, so the ThreadsControllerBase class is replaced by a controller that uses the Javascript event loop to do the waiting (using window.setTimeout()).

I've added a page called "test.html" that can be opened in your browser. It shows a number of commands that you can run to test the event loop controller. At this point, the code has "console.log()" calls. This is not a standard Javascript feature and it will only work in Chrome or Firefox with the FireBug plugin installed.

I will write a kernel that handles common tasks (independent of the target platform) concerning runtime state chart behavior. These tasks include creation/deletion of objects, setting of internal (timed) events and interacting with the environment (through external events).

More coming soon...

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