Title: Automatically Realizing Embedded Systems From High-Level Functional Models
Organizer: Pieter J. Mosterman, The MathWorks, Inc., USA
Abstract: To keep pace with the rising computational demands of embedded applications, an effective approach is to raise the level of abstraction at which the design of essential functionality is performed. Raising the level of abstraction allows designers to remove the complexity of low-level and implementation details, thereby gaining design productivity. However, raising the level of abstraction also widens the gap between design and implementation. To overcome the gap between design and implementation, this tutorial demonstrates technologies for:
  • the automatic transformation of the design into increasingly detailed representations,
  • checking correctness of the additional detail, and
  • hardware/software codesign.
Model-Based Design is introduced and experts from industry and academia demonstrate the use of technologies such as automatic C and HDL code generation, automatic test bench generation, automatic sequential design refinement, and multi-domain system design, including mixed-signal simulation. The attendees will learn how to develop high-level domain specific models of embedded systems and how to exploit automatic transformation technology to systematically realize the embedded application.
Presentations: Model-Based Design: Challenges and Opportunities
Contributed by: Janos Sztipanovits, Vanderbilt University, USA
Implementation of Hardware and Software Systems using Model-Based Design
Contributed by: Don Orofino, The MathWorks, Inc., USA
Presented by: Darel Linebarger, The MathWorks, Inc., USA
From Platform-Independent Models to Platform-Specific Implementations for Processor-Centric Design
Contributed by: Grant Martin, Tensilica, Inc., USA
Modelling of Systems on Chip
Contributed by: Wido Kruijtzer and Victor Reyes, NXP, Netherlands
Hardware Dependant Software Design
Contributed by: Ahmed Jerraya, CEA-LETI, France
Discrete Event System Theory and Simulation Using SimEvents® for Transaction Level Modeling
Contributed by: Christos Cassandras, Boston University, USA
Presented by: Katalin Popovici, The MathWorks, France
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