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Visual languages that can specify naturally perceivable objects and their relationships model a system at the highest level of abstraction. Most visual languages are designed to be domain specific. My research aims towards using meta-modeling (using UML class diagrams, and entity-relationship diagrams) to automatically generate visual modelling environments. I also develop graph grammars to transform between visual models in different formalisms. Another dimension to my research deals with visual model space search. Apart from my research I am interested in indoor/outdoor rowing, soccer, dragon boat racing, table tennis, swimming, modern jive (social dancing), playing the electric guitar, limericks, cooking, and science writing (new!).
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News and Stuff

December 31, 2005 My current bibliography database is available here (for me): All.bib

December 31, 2005 Happy New years eve and the forthcoming new year 2006! I have uploaded some publication quality vector images for the transformations RWVM_2_IPM IPM_2_ABG ABG_2_CBG

November 15, 2005 I have also updated my resume as a potential PhD student in the area of domain specific modelling and model discovery of complex systems. Please click here!

November 15, 2005 I have included a new atheltics page with my sports and games endeavours in 2005 + a progress report for my coaches : Corina, Brice, and Andrew. Click here!

November 15, 2005 AToM3 with graph transformations for PM->IPM->ABG->CBG->Modelica + libraries for Hierarchical Causal Blocks Diagrams is available.Click here!

November 15, 2005 Blast from the past: Here is a link to my Beowulf Cluster Building Document
Also, a link to my modified version of X-Movie to visualize molecules on your screen.
Here is the documentation for using the modifications.

August 24, 2005 Here is the update on the domain specific modelling of the hoisting device using atom3, project.
Real world model to idealized physical model is complete.
Idealized physical model to Acausal bond graphs with optimizations is done.
Acausal bond graphs to causal bond graphs is done.
causal bond graphs to causal block diagrams and modelica code generation still need some tweaking.
You can download it here.

August 20, 2005 Hey our winter MSDL cross country skiing and tubing trip pictures are finally released. Check it out: Click here!

July 31, 2005 For the Montreal Dragon Boat festival, our mixed team 'Les Pirates' successfully entered the premier league. We had our best time of 218.26 secs for the 500m race. However we lost in the finals by a second or so. Nevertheless the team had a great time and we look forward to the following competitions: Sherbrooke and Quebec cup. Check out this limerick didicated to Les Pirates:

Hang In There, Les Pirates!
Just wait 'til I tell of this story
'Bout you, Les Pirates, in your glory
Whatever life brings
You're pulling the strings
Dragon boats are your territory
One thing you have conquered is fear
It's fearlessness all through the year
Courageous and brave
You'll always behave
Not afraid to bring scary things near
Hang in there, I know you can do it
I know how you feel, I've been through it
So just keep on plugging
And tugging and hugging
Life is for those who pursue it
Setup, Ready Ready! Goooooo!

July 15, 2005 Meeting with Hans on the 13th of July. Click Here.

July 08, 2005 Bond Graphs with the causal bond graph to causal block diagram graph grammar update (over 40 GG rules) is available. There is however a bug (minor hopefully) that denis is going to look into. Download.

June 24, 2005 Hello! After spending most of the beginning of the supposedly productive period of summer, playing soccer and dancing modern jive I decided to get something going. I present a brand new modelling environment for bond graphs in AToM3 with causality assignment using graph grammars. Its not heavily tested but I will do it eventually. The next step for me is to map causal bond graphs to causal block diagrams.I also have to modify my old Modelica code generation routines to adapt to the new framework. You will find AToM3 with Bond Graphs here.

June 9, 2005 Update on meeting with Hans. The summary/results of our discussions can be found here.

May 19, 2005 Meeting with Hans. The summary/results of our discussions can be found here.

April 27, 2005 I finally completed my report for COMP762(Modeling and Simulation Based Design). The title of the report is
"Meta-Modeling and Model Transformation for Bond Graphs". Download ps file here and pdf here. The tex file is also available here. I would appreciate it and be grateful if you could report mistakes,bugs, or scientific blunders. Thanks!

April 26, 2005 By the way, affectionate visitors of this page, please checkout out my old homepage at JNCASR. If not a gold mine it surely is a coal mine of resources related to building a building a Beowulf cluster, visualization of molecular dynamics etc. Please click here!

April 26 , 2005 : I think now the Acausal Bond Graph environment is working well with AToM3. You can download it here. The final presentation , Bond Graphs in AToM3 is available here. Kindly report bugs if you use it. Since python is not a compiled language there may be some unhappy code sitting in some corner that missed my not so watchful eyes.

13 April 2005, Meeting with Prof. Sue Whitesides to discuss project for her motion planning course. Day: Wednesday Time: Between 10-12 pm or Day: Thursday Time:4-5 pm Something to organize my conversation.

10 March 2005, I will be giving my talk on Bond Graphs as a part of COMP 762. Its at about 5:30 pm on thursday(today) in either Trottier
or McConnell 320. Be there but don't ask too many questions :-) An online copy of my talk is available in the Research Section.

29th January 2005,
Long time since a decent post...hmm..whats been happening. Since I have taken just two courses this term I have been thinking about doing a lot of things. I have joined a Modern Jives course with SSMU, McGill. I have started to play squash since soccer recreation has practically stopped at the currie gym. Its sometimes scary when you mind goes beyond yonder when you have less work to do.

15th January 2005,
Beautiful day outside. Cleaned the house and cooked enough Sambar to last us two days.

14th January 2005,
Just got Bell broadband high speed internet connection at my new abode. Very excited about it. I already downloaded a couple of new movies. It might be interesting to model the dynamics of getting new things :)

13th January 2005,
Hans and I had a long discussion on several potential research ideas.  In the process he also gave me this new web account where I will be publishing my blogs and research plans/documents etc.

11th January 2005,

For the 762 project I will be working on bond graphs and perhaps extend the formalism to hybrid bond graphs depending on time left.

5th January 2005,
I have moved. I now live near Jolicoeur Metro in Montreal. My house is about 2 mins walk from the metro. The new address is:
    Sagar Sen
    1023, 5th Avenue
    Verdun. Montreal, Quebec
    Phone: (514) 762 3716
It takes about 15 mins for me to reach McGill by metro. A great improvement. It took me about 30-45 mins before, when I used to live near Vendome Metro. I was always late for Prof. Hans Vangheluwe's (Hans from now on) class.


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