Monday 23 April

 8:30 Welcome (Hans and Pieter)

Self Intro (2 slides) + wishlist (1 slide) + criteria for success (1 slide)

 8:40 Joerg Kienzle presentation
  Specialties: fault tolerance, aspect-orientation (AOP), aspect-oriented transactions,
               massively multiplayer game research framework (Mammoth)
  Wishlist:    * applications of multi-paradigm modelling
                different concerns
                modularize crosscutting concerns
               * better understand model evolution (development phases vs. iterations)
  Success:     learn, model transformations, DSL, collaboration, publication, focus at end of day 

 9:00 Eugene Syriani presentation

  Specialties: model transformation, programmed graph rewriting
  Subjects:    combining control flow modelling (with DEVS) with triple graph grammars
  Success:     hybrid formalisms, explore different modelling and transformation alternatives,
               optimal formalism

 9:15 Thomas Kuehne presentation

  Specialties: foundations of meta-modelling, MM architectures, domain meta-modelling,
               stereotype usage, profile definition, architecture stratification
  Subjects:    meta-modelling, language extensions, DSLs, model-driven development, transformations
               concrete: lego blocks for building DSLs, language families (systematic ways of deriving
               one language definition from another achieving syntax and semantics compatibility),
               transformation engineering (concise, modular)
  Success:     above problems addressed, tool for industrial use, publications (concrete plan)

 9:30 Pieter Mosterman presentation

  Specialties: modelling and simulation, computer aided instruction
  Subjects:    multi-paradigm modelling not only of system, but of process, architecture
  Success:     CAMPaM publication, apply CAMPaM to transaction based design 

10:00 Joel Greenyer presentation

  Specialties: QVT vs. TGG transformation, TGG metamodel, TGG interpreter
               pattern-based workflow transformations, version control (model diffs,
               system of coherent partial models
  Subjects:    integration of model-based software (different domains, levels of abstraction)
               efficiency, programmed TGGs !?
               TGG by example, meta-model integration
  Success:     learn about what's important

10:25 Tihamer Levendovszky presentation

  Specialties: VMTS
  Subjects:    meta-modelling based rewriting, aspect-oriented modelling
  Success:     publications

11:00 Mamadou Traore presentation

  Specialties: axiomatic and computational theory of modelling and simulation
               emphasis on DEVS
  Subjects:    formal basis, symbolic reasoning, code synthesis, simulation-based problem-solving
               dynamic systems specification, model/context duality
               standardized hierarchy of abstraction levels 
  Success:     publications

11:35 Hans Vangheluwe presentation

  Specialties: CAMPaM
  Subjects:    modularity
  Success:     publications, focus of requirements and impact on (meta-)language design choices

12:00 planning

12:30 lunch @ Surfside

14:30 admin
      prepare presentations 
      snorkel time

18:00 dinner

19:00 Thomas Kuehne: bits and pieces of meta-modelling  [pdf]
20:00 discussions

20:30 Tihamer Levendovszky: Graph Transformation: What can and cannot be proven? [pdf]
21:30 discussions

22:00 CAMPaM cocktail, midnight swim

Tuesday 24 April

 8:30 schedule, practical issues

 9:00 Joel Greenyer: Reconciling TGGs with QVT [pdf]
10:00 discussions

10:30 coffee break

10:50 Joerg Kienzle: Aspects of Aspect Orientation [pdf]
11:50 discussions

12:30 lunch ("back of the truck" @ Bellairs)

13:00 continue Joerg's presentation

14:00 prepare presentations
      snorkel time

15:30 (for the brave) Hans Vangheluwe: bits and pieces of CAMPaM [pdf]

17:30 discuss grouping
      discuss CAMPaM paper writing

18:00 dinner
      A Bit of Fry and Laurie...Tricky Linguistics

Tool demonstration:

19:30 TGG Interpreter/QVT transformation
      Fujaba (Robert Wagner's incremental model synchronization)

22:00 CAMPaM cocktail

Wednesday 25 April

 8:30 planning, clustering, groups, setting goals

 9:00 work in groups:
    * CAMPaM paper
    * build PacMan2PetriNet mapping in multiple tools

12:00 lunch @ Surfside

14:00 glass bottom boat trip (turtles, marine park, shipwreck)

16:00 prepare demos, work on texts

18:00 dinner

Tool demonstrations:

19:00 VMTS
20:00 AToM^3 (the Montreal incarnation)

22:00 CAMPaM cocktail

Thursday 26 April

 8:30 work in groups
   * CAMPaM paper writing, discuss abstraction
   * work on demos

12:00 lunch

14:00 time off

17:00 paper writing

18:00 dinner

19:00 PacMan demos in QVT.TGG, VMTS, AToM^3 (Montreal version)

22:00 CAMPaM cocktail, midnight swim

Friday 27 April

 8:30 paper writing

12:00 lunch ("back of the truck" @ Bellairs)

13:00 evaluation ("post mortem") of the workshop
      planning of followup activities: 
      publications, collaboration, next workshop, dissemination 

17:00 "Godfather Bomb" sunset, dinner @ Surfside

Saturday 28 April

 remaining participants continue discussions, 
 paper writing, ...

 visit to Crane Beach
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