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Summer Research
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Summer 2002 Research

I worked during this summer on the modelling and simulation of Hybrid Systems with Prof. Hans Vangheluwe in the Modelling, Simulation and Design Lab (MSDL) of McGill University. Hybrid Systems (HS) are physical systems which are modelled with continuous components (Differential Equations) as well as discrete components. The general goal of this summer (apart the one of giving me experience in multidisciplinary research) was to investigate which could be the best formalism to model HS (need expressiveness), and which could be the best formalism to simulate them (need efficiency). We have chosen the practical approach of first experimenting with a real Simulator for Hybrid Systems.

  • A summary I had written about my summer researches for an application to a NSERC postgraduate scholarship
  • The summer report for my researches of this summer (contains links to the new source files for the 522 Simulator)
  • A talk I've given about my summer research
  • A page describing the old 522 Simulator (with source files)
  • My summer research calendar of dates

    Summer 2001 Research

    During the summer 2001, I have worked as a NSERC-funded summer student with Prof. Prakash Panangaden on the stability and existence properties of Delay Differential Equations (DDEs), as well as their numerical solution with Prof. Hans Vangheluwe . DDEs are differential equations in which you can relate the derivative of a function using the value of the function at previous times. For example, dy/dt(t) = y(t-1) is a DDE with a constant delay of 1. I put here links to reports I had written at that time. Note that I can't guarantee the exactness of what is claimed in those reports! They haven't been peer reviewed; and I have written some hand-written corrections to them which I have never (not yet?) put on paper. I just put them here as 'food for thoughts'...

  • An introductory talk about DDEs (260KB in pdf)
  • My summer report about DDEs (151KB in pdf)
  • A short paper (190KB in pdf) written about the numerical approximations of DDEs using the method of steps. This paper needs several corrections!